A 4-Part Review Of The SleepRight SRP244 Side Sleeping Pillow

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 sleep apnea device review

An Excellent Sleep Apnea Pillow

Recently, there have been numerous devices introduced to help individuals who have sleep apnea. Some of these are more effective compared to others. Some are also much more comfortable.

You should try out an excellent sleep apnea pillow. The one offered by SleepRight is something that is effective and comfortable! Find out more in our review below!

 sleep apnea device

1Benefits And Features

This pillow is really comfortable and helps provide relief to individuals who suffer from sleep apnea. Take a look at some of these key specifications. It has air paths on the right and left sides for maximizing airflow and improving breathing in the side sleeping positions; it also has a shoulder cradle that offers support as it gently corrects sleeping posture and a cradle design that helps to reduce pressure on the ears and jaws.

It has high-quality visco-elastic memory foam. A five-year warranty is included. The memory foam is ultra-comfortable and is excellent even for people who don't have sleep apnea; you will need to watch out so that your spouse doesn't try to steal your pillow away from you! Its special design and shape help to promote the correct spine alignment in addition to shoulder and neck alignment.

Having the correct alignment as you are sleeping will help to prevent your airways from getting obstructed. Thus, you are able to breathe evenly and consistently all night long. Besides, a pillow that is well designed is also more comfortable than either a mouthpiece or face mask!

 how to manage sleep apnea

2Potential Drawbacks To Be Considered

When it comes to sleep apnea, this is a very comfortable option. However, for more severe cases, this option may not be sufficient enough. It does work really well in combination with a mouthpiece or other methods. However, as a stand-alone treatment, the pillow is better suited for mild sleep apnea cases.

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3What Others Have To Say About It

One of the better ways of really getting a good sense of the way the pillow performs or the types of benefits it may give you is seeing how satisfied or unsatisfied other people are with the product. Check out the following testimonial from an actual customer. You'll see how he feels about this product.

"It perfectly supports my neck when sleeping on my back or side. On the top, there is a cutout that relieves enough pressure that is on the side of my face and jaw so that I am able to lie down without feeling a lot of pain. I took the pillow to my headache or TMJ specialist and also my chiropractor and told them about my results, and both of them were very impressed."

It might seem like it is an odd design. However, if you give it a try, you will realize that you are able to sleep better due to it! Although testimonials can be very useful in helping you understand what real value a product offers, you need to remember that different individuals do have different priorities and needs.

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4Advice In Purchasing

Although ordering online does always have some risk associated with it, when you buy through a reputable website, such as Amazon, you can be confident that you will get what you ordered. When you order online, you will also have time to try the product out at home. And you'll be able to return it if it doesn't perform the way you expected it to.

It is really comfortable and also healthy for you, aside from helping to treat your sleep apnea. When you have better posture while you are sleeping, it will help to prevent pains and aches in the other parts of your body also. So after you purchase this pillow, you will feel better in numerous ways!

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