A 4-Part Product Review Of The Eliminator Pro Nightguard

 sleep apnea device review
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Mouthpiece For Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a terrible problem to have. And it's only made worse by the large, cumbersome face mask that's used to fix the problem. Many people are turning to mouthpieces for their sleep apnea treatment since it fits inside the mouth rather than around it.

There are many mouthpieces on the market. However, one of our favorites has to be the mouthpiece from Eliminator Pro. Check below to learn more!

 sleep apnea device

1Benefits And Features

This nightguard is adjustable. Even though it's designed for bruxism, it's quite useful for the treatment of sleep apnea. Here are a few of the key specs: designed to mold itself automatically to the shape of your bite, easy to calibrate with clear readings, and modern technology allows for the precision locking mechanism to keep the correct setting over time.

The auto-mold feature is likely the most impressive feature this mouthpiece has. All you have to do is boil it in water until it softens. Once that's done, you will merely bite down firmly. As it cools and hardens, it will set into the shape of your teeth. You won't have to worry about custom ordering or wearing an uncomfortable "one-size-fits-all" mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece has metal hinges, which help to gently pull on your lower jaw. So it can't collapse down on your airway during the night. Since it can be easily calibrated to the perfect settings for your mouth, it's both comfortable and efficient!

 sleep apnea device review

2Possible Drawbacks To Keep In Mind

While the auto-mold feature is incredibly impressive, it's hard to beat a professionally-made custom mold for precision. On the other hand, unless you have an especially unique jaw shape, then precision customization is likely unnecessary. So even though professionally-made custom mouthpieces are more precise than auto-mold, most people will find the auto-mold perfectly comfortable.

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3Customers' Feedback

It's easy for a salesperson to tell you how great a product is. But if you really want to find information, then you have to ask the customers. If you're curious to read some testimonials, then check them out below.

"Even though I knew that it was helping, I hated wearing my CPAP. Like I knew it would, my sleep apnea came back last year, fairly soon after I stopped using the machine. Some people say that I should lose weight, but my doctor says that I have a healthy weight. I had more or less resigned myself to using a CPAP machine for the rest of my life; nothing else had ever worked - nothing except for this thing! I've been using this thing for about a month, and I've had a great night's sleep every single time."

This mouthpiece is not only as effective as hooking your face into a CPAP machine, but it's also more comfortable as well! That said, everyone has different needs. Just because a product works well for one person, that doesn't mean that it will work well for everyone.

 sleep apnea device

4Advice When Buying

Ordering online can be a hassle. But as long as you're buying from a respectable dealer, such as Amazon, then you're likely to be safe. Ordering online also allows you to try the product in the comfort of your own home.

It's a great mouthpiece. It's surprisingly affordable when you consider how well made and designed it is. If you're tired of wearing your face mask, but you still want to sleep at night, then this is a great product!

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